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IMAGINATURA - Gathering of Arts

IMAGINATURA - Gathering of Arts

11. Mai 2017 13:00 Uhr

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YAAM Berlin

IMAGINATURA - Gathering of Arts
***Dear friends, artists and curious people,

Imaginatura is a place of creation, a gathering of arts and friends. As i realized there are happening missunderstandings I´m gonna remind you this is not a party ! :)

***I'm Olivia *Te văd* and in the last years, beside of daily life, I dedicated my interest to the art of recycling, mostly wood. The love for this art got inspired from nature, travels with friends and music gatherings. Luckily, I was surrounded by talented and passionate human beeings, so this time, I wish that me and some of my inspirational friends to come together and present each, his own type of creation. We all love nature, precious her and let her inspire us. No matter if paintings, drawings, tattoos, installations, sculptures, music, body movement, juggling or magic, we all let ourselfes lost in it and made our best till now, better to follow.

***One of the most beautiful feelings it's when you can see your imagination alive, that's why we will try to fullfill YAAM Berlin, a heart place, with parts of it.

***Starting 1st of May, the Gallery of Yaam will be open for visits, but I would suggest everyone interested in the gathering and complete formula of artists to come on 11th of May when the vernissage day will take over the Garden and Gallery.

***Along the Journey we will present:

*imagination on paper: PokihaAnima Signis - sigils&tattoos - bones&bodiesi • Catrina • David Slojewski • Anca • Tudor Acum, Gayatree Talisman Tattoo • Leif • MVSUrbanartists •Regulus

*text,poetry and fantasy: Tania - NurturingNomadsLalo Mari Anita

*instalation-sculptures: Te vădGeneviève RelûrbedJuan ItoRobin DraperLui LuiNikinga

*video-visuals: Jabanak - Kreislauf • David Slojewski

*sound: AudioSyntax (experimental set) • PrismaThe Soulvendor • Ji`funk & the Goat • Sistah RastahFairy

*performance: Lalo Mari Anita - body movement • Andrei Isfan - magic • Tarantjel shamanic arts & Yoni Verse -digeridoo sounds

* pirates: Jasper • Jonathan

**let yourself be guided in an unique organic world
**there are no sponsors just the artists so as support we accept a donation - between 2 and unlimited euros
**little art talismans to take with you
**dress code: smile
**supported by romanian fairy mafia
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